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Hundreds of successful projects confirm the competence and professionalism of our team. Our specialists not only have extensive experience and unique skills, but also demonstrate an example of solidarity and mutual assistance, which is the basis of our team. This combination of technical expertise, innovation, commitment to excellence and mutual respect makes us a strong team. Thanks to these principles, our projects constantly receive positive feedback from our customers. We are proud of our achievements and strive for new heights!

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Bilisbekov Nurgali Dauletbekovich

First Deputy General Director / Deputy General Director for Energy and Infrastructure Projects

Nagorny Alexey Alexandrovich

Deputy General Director for Mining and Metallurgical Projects

Polynkov Andrey Alexandrovich

Chief Engineer

Dunaev Yury Lvovich

Deputy General Director for innovation technology

Tokmagambetov Dauren Amangeldyevich


Rakhmetzhanov Sanzhar Ermekovich

Deputy General Director for petrochemical


Fateev Vladislav Viktorovich

Financial Director

Kulik Marina Alexandrovna

Deputy General Director for Project


Karimov Anuar Aidosovich

Director of the branch in


Turekulov Talgat Serikovich

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